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The Microsoft Power Automate training course provides a comprehensive overview of how to create automated workflows between your favourite apps and services to synchronise files, receive notifications, collect data, and much more. You will learn how to create and manage the automate process during the learning. This course provides an engaging and practical instructor-led product demonstration of Microsoft Power Automate from beginning to end. Power Automate is a versatile product that automates, standardises, and visualises business processes. Power Automate connects to other on-premises and web-based solutions, as well as interweaving the various Office 365 products. This course will provide you with the confidence to choose the appropriate actions and Work Power Automate logic for your business.

Power Automate: An Overview

  • Introducing Power Automate

  • Types of flows

  • Check out the start page

  • Make your first flow.

  • Get creative

  • Peek at the code

  • Find your flows easily

  • Get notifications when something's wrong

  • Use the mobile app

    Learning catalogue for Power Automate

  • Overview

  • App Maker

  • Administrator

  • Developer

  • Functional Consultant

  • Partner Presales Roles

    Process Advisor

  • Overview

  • Task Mining

  • Process mining

  • Administration and Security

    Cloud Flows

  • Overview of Cloud Flows

  • Get started with triggers

  • What is a trigger?

  • Choose the right trigger

  • Triggers for instant/manual flows

  • Triggers for scheduled flows

  • Triggers for automated flows

  • Add a trigger to an existing flow

  • Licensing for premium connectors

  • Customize a trigger by adding conditions

    Power Virtual Agents bot

  • Get contextual help with flows from the Power Virtual Agents bot

    Share a cloud flow

  • Prerequisites

  • About embedded and other connections

  • Add an owner to a cloud flow

  • Add a list as a co-owner

  • Remove an owner

  • Modify a connection

  • Share a cloud flow with run-only permissions

  • Share a copy of a cloud flow

    Automated Flows

  • Create a cloud flow from a template in Power Automate

  • Create a cloud flow in Power Automate

  • Create a cloud flow by using Dynamics 365 (online)

  • Create flows from the OneDrive for Business launch panel

  • Filter and copy data with Power Automate

  • Run your flows with Flics smart buttons (Preview)

  • Run your flows with buttons from The Button Corporation (Preview)

    Scheduled Flows

  • Run flows on a schedule

  • Process a list of items

    Instant Flows

  • Create a Button Flow

  • Create a flow on a phone

  • Create a button flow with trigger tokens

  • Introducing button flows with user input

  • Share a button

    How to

  • Add an action

  • Add a condition

  • Use data operations

  • Use expressions in conditions Search

  • Store and manage values in variables

  • Use Visio to model flows Search

  • Manage flows on a phone

  • Publish a template

  • Turn a cloud flow on or off

    Popular cloud flows scenarios

  • Use flows with approvals

  • Use flows with Office 365 Outlook email

  • Use flows with SharePoint

  • Use flows with Microsoft Teams

  • Create approvals in Microsoft Teams

  • Trigger flows from Power BI report

  • Use flows with Microsoft Forms

  • Use flows with Microsoft Dataverse

  • Solutions

  • AI Builder

  • Troubleshoot

    Power Automate for desktop

  • Introduction to Power Automate for desktop

  • Getting started with Power Automate in Windows 11

  • Other types of desktop flows (Legacy)

  • Introduction to other types of desktop flows

  • Create and test Windows recorder (V1) flows

  • Edit Windows recorder (V1) flows

  • Migrate from Windows recorder (V1) to Power Automate desktop flows

  • Use inputs and outputs in desktop flows with Windows recorder (V1)

  • Create and test Selenium IDE flows

  • Edit desktop flows with Selenium IDE

    Use inputs and outputs in desktop flows with Selenium IDE Se Business process flows

  • Business process flows overview

  • Create a business process flow

  • Create instant flows in business process flows

  • Enhance business process flows with branching

  • Add custom controls to business process flows

  • Best practices in using business process flow columns

    Connect to Data

  • Available Connections

  • Manage Connections

  • Manage Gateways

  • Understand Gateways

    Classic Dataverse

  • Classic Dataverse Workflows

  • Classic Dataverse Task flows

  • Classic Dataverse Dialogs

    For developers

  • Enterprise developers, partners, and ISVs Search

  • Build and certify custom connectors Sea

  • Integrate with websites and other technologies

  • Let customers test drive your flows

  • Work with business process flows using code

  • Custom Dataverse workflow activities


  • Flows in your organization Q&A

  • Pricing

  • Admin centre

  • Administer environments

  • IP address configuration

  • View desktop flows analytics

  • Monitor desktop flows

  • Set a policy to help prevent data loss

  • Support Intune in mobile apps

  • Introduction to data groups

  • View sharing and connectors analytics reports

  • Respond to DSR requests

  • DSR requests for Microsoft Accounts

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