Your coaching services are not just up to mark but way above my expectations. The study material and daily class videos helped me a lot in my learning. Making things understand easily with real life scenarios and practical examples along with your guidance are the things which make your coaching institute very different from other such institutes. You are always there to help all your students whenever they need any help with any project or some other MIS related issues. In fact you go extra mile to help them. Your emails and messages on social media platforms like face book and what’s up are very helpful and keep us updated about the new opportunities for good job. You are easily approachable and provide us good consultation whenever needed. It is very easy to communicate with you and share our thoughts and ideas. Though I am still learning things from you however I now understand vast world of MIS and Business Analytic s and its application in our daily work at office. I am now able to develop logic and Ideas to solve or perform my daily duties at the office with help of your MIS training. Your method of coaching is very helpful in understating application of MIS in real life business environment. You provide very good guidance to all your students which help us in shaping our career. I want to say more things about you and coaching however I am short of words. One last thing would like to say is that more than a good trainer you are very good human being and that is what makes you and your efforts towards us successful. Now it is our turn to make you proud by showcasing our talent at our work place and by making a good career in MIS field. Thank you so much being there and helping me. I want to become a good and knowledgeable person like you as you are now my role model.

Nimish Chaudhari (American Express)
I am extremely thankful to have such a supportive cooperative trainer like you with whom I\'ve learned so much each day and am improving all the time. The one thing I found very useful is that everything we talked about, we practiced. This opened my mind and gave me a good experience. The program was fun. I\'ve learned new things in a funny way. All those things will help me in all kinds of thinking. I think this is a life changing program that will help many people. I learned countless things from you and had a fun time, and stored many things in my long term memory.  The quality of training were excellent The best thing that I liked about your training was live class room videos through which we can never forget even after completion of course. As down the line we may refer to the video which we did in class. Individual attention given by trainer towards its students, regular assignments and feedback. Definitely Prince you are always there to help in our day to day life official queries. Which gives us support to achieve out our task in an easily manner.   I completed my course ages ago but till today I receive full support from you for job hopping. The consultation that you provided from us is to share the knowledge as much as we can and spread the feedback with others about the course. Definitely Prince I took a lot of benefit from the training ,as it changed my career path. I got promotion and hopped job

Archit Mehrothra
Prince you have good command on MIS tools and have bundle up the course to make it useful for the upcoming MIS resources. Practical example are the key points which assist and enable students to clarify the doubts and excel in the MIS tools. Conventional institutes demands hefty fees and conduct the session for a day or two and cover trainings topics. However with Prince this is not the case, he charge nominal fees and his main focus is on the making the concept clear rather than rushing to complete the topics. On the top of all his approach of making the student well versed on various interview question and guiding them on the interview strategy add start to his teaching style. Completing the course is not Prince Aim. Guiding the students through the tough situation and assisting them in any real time situation is an add on facility which students avail. I have contacted him many times and seek his advice on various MIS issues which I faced in my Project. Job notifications and interview preparation are the key elements which make Prince different from the conventional training institute. My excel skills are far better than before.

Upanshu Sharma-Royal Bank of Scotland
Before joining the class I knew a very basic in Excel and nothing about VBA & Macros. and most importantly I was looking for job change but due to lack of some knowledge and lack of confidence I was not able to move on. I thought to join a class to enhance my skills but when it comes on me to go to somewhere and take a class on weekend I felt very lazy (feeling very sleepy on weekends). But somehow I force fully managed myself to take training from Prince because it was not an institutional type class where some unnecessary chapters are also teach and which will never use in practical jobs. After joining the class I definitely increased my knowledge on Ms-Excel but also got confident. Prince helps not only in learning an application but also in helps in building confidence on facing interviews. I changed my job after completing the training course and happy with my current job profile. Thanks to Prince and Anu and Best of luck for their future life.


Poly  (SunLife Financial - Gurgoan)
your services are excellent ad the best thing is the Video recording of live class, it helps us to regain whatever is missed due to absence. I have not analyzed other institutes however as per my observation, the emphasis on every small and big scenario along with the individual attention, makes it different. Have got some assistance from friends however realized that certain basic things were also not clear which I’ve learned now. We get regular information of upcoming job opportunities, any new update gets uploaded to the group messenger, which helps. You have helped us with the excel based queries along with this prepared us for the upcoming questions and not just that also CV updation and other related scenarios.  I am Still pursuing the course, and I am confident that this would help me in excelling Excel and creating the best practices in this field as well, as the concepts are getting cleared. Aspiring new knowledge and understanding the concept is in itself an achievement and helps in career improvement, still in process of it, and looking forward to lean and enhance myself.  As I am still learning, I would talk about my feeling, it actually feels good and I realize how important it is to get these concepts clear. Though in batch, still an individual attention is given and every concept is dealt with examples and demonstrations.  I am positive that after gaining this skill set, I can look forward to enhance my career and form some best practices. Thank You Prince, the way you are educating professionals and further helping  in career enhancement is great!! 

Kavya Sachdeva ( Steria India)
I am writing you this from the bottom of my heart:
Learning is a continuing process in life, but at your institute, I am so lucky to feel this process lively. The classes are best sequenced to learn. Punctuality is the essence of your classes I have never ever found myself waiting in your class.Specially, your classroom recording (with screen capturing) is most precious thing which is still helping us in our routine office work.   I think any person from any learning stages can shape up his/her carrier for MIS field. You are helping the student beyond the course curriculum i.e. for interview preparation and mock testing of MIS. This is a unique feature of the Institute.  You have helped me a lot in various test and interviews in which I have succeeded. Sir your circle is expanding and many of your students are already in MIS dept. so it’s easy to grab the job with your reference. It’s all due to your Goodwill. I have joined your institute to work / apply as an MIS Executive, but with grace of GOD and your skillful teaching, today, I am working as a Manager. Thanks for your efforts. My best wishes to all of your students. Keep on spraying the colors of knowledge, God Bless you.

Adarsh Bhatnagar(Manager-Medha Inn.& Develop.)
I am really confused how to start as I have a lot to say but I can't express it in words. I want to thank you to became excellent trainer for me. Your way of teaching had provided In depth and extensive knowledge.Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously through my journey to learn excel. Without your help and direction it was impossible. The best thing about your institute is to provide real time scenario and relevant examples. You always ready to resolve out issues/ doubts related previous class. Doesn't matter how much time it take. Your documentation on excel and interview preparation material really help people to get their dream job. People/ institutes gives job assistance at end of course but you continue job assistance with every session and encourage people to face challenges.
You rock and there is no comparison for your teaching. It's perfect and excellent.

Hiteshi (Genpact HeadStrong Capital Market)
Your enthusiasm is great. Your way of teaching is outstanding, every query is solved clearly, be the student asks one time or multiple times the same question. The recordings still helps me to revise my concepts any time I need. And above all whenever I get stuck in my work, the first thought which comes to my mind is \"Only Prince Sir can help me in this.\" You make the classes interactive by using daily life scenarios and practical examples. Also, you never think of just completing the course and get rid off, like many similar institutes do. Your examples and assignments are very much similar to what is done in industry. Multiple times I come across such questions which I have done already while training, which boost my confidence more than my peers. Whenever I come across any challenges, whether in any interview, in office work or regarding any new concept, I come back to you and surprisingly you take interest in that work and solve the queries as if it is your own problem. If we talk about job opportunities, you always keeps your students updated about the current market requirements, job scenarios, types of questions asked in interviews, and also share the job links within your students group(previous as well as current). Other than the training contents, we can also discuss all the present technologies and you always guide us to choose the best in career. At last I just want to conclude that you are not just a good trainer but a guide and a very nice human being. 

Aanchal Kapil (Bureau Veritas)

Prince sir really you are Rock, Perfect and Real teacher who is well known with students as well as industry requirement very well which is very helpful to all of us for successful career. our practical teaching scenario is best thing which helped me a lot in my learning. Live example and class\'s vedio recording is a unique way to tech in your institute is best,which will always helpful to me for my future growth. Your this type of teaching methodology differ you from other institute. Now I am very happy to give rating in excel 8 out of 10 to myself. You are great sir........master in Excel, VBA, Ms-Access and SQL.I would like to say Thank you very much Prince Sir.

Kishor (SamSung)
It\'s been great to have a mentor like you.You helped us a lot not only in learning excel vba but also in getting a job in reputed companies by creating groups on Whatsapp and helping us in resolving our problems.Really thankful to u

Manju Rautela (Mercer)
Training was up to mark and as per expectations. The way of teaching and live scenarios with videos was awesome. It was easy to understand with easy modules and friendly environment.You answered very well and resolved our questions in easy way to apply them in our project and you helped in finding jobs to grow too. We made couple of tools and got appreciation from our seniors and client too.

Viresh Gupta (EXL)
I just want to say all the things in one line 1.This is the Best Place To learn Advanced Excel & VBA. 2.Videos are the one of the best part of the classes

I am highly impressed with the way you teach you students. Not only teaching but you give us so many jobs related and market understanding ideas which help a lot and this is best thing I feel.. It was indeed my right decision to learn from your institute.. It really works!! Thank you so very much for all your efforts..

Rajender Sharma (FIS Global)
I am good and i hope you are also good.You are doing really very good job sir and its result showing by getting job by many students. I have given many MIS written or practical test and i clear all test its show i got trained by good trainer. Best thing is class recording video its really help and your cooperation.

I saw a very different style of teaching by you.The most important thing that helped me was the recording of the class, if in case I missed any point in class I was able to link it in the recording.Your always open for queries attitude is the one to appreciate for.Even after completion of the batch, you keep on sending emails for vacancies, which has helped a lot.Keep it up...!!!

Sandeep (HDFC Life)
I think i invested money on a right thing. You can imagine the feeling when your Sr. Manager comes to you and asked "Can you please help me on excel". On that day i really felt proud and motivated. The best thing of this classes is you would get videos for each and every class which probably help you in future. The best day of class was the interview preparation day. Your emails regarding job openings is also very helpful. I really value your efforts Prince Sir and hoping many more will learn and grow higher as per their ability. Words are not enough to explain everything but i would say you are the best trainer Prince.

Ashish Wadhwa (EXL Service)
I am very thankful to you given me your valuable knowledge of excel. I knew but after you tought I get the confidence. I cracked interview & got a job. which I had been searched longer period of time. I selected in future group last year on 14 April 2014, as a MIS operation of entire north india.you are very helpful & your way of teaching awesome. You have very friendly nature which can give extra energy all the student of your institue.  One of the major thing you always help to any one after course has been completed.If I talk about your course content which has been created by you. It\'s sequnce is good. Every thing any one can learn in easily. Your way of teaching through video. It is one good feature which can be differ your institutes to other institutes.My best always with you & your institutes. Everyone can learn but few people can teach. Best friend as good teacher.

Initially I was a bit paranoid whether I would be able to grasp some critical portions of Excel, but you made me understand those without any hassles. The best part of this institute is the individual attention one gets. Somewhere all of this did build up my confidence and that showed up in my last interview, even though we are still midway through the course. Thanks for the support throughout.

Your services are really up to the mark. I really appreciate the Stuff which you provide for the Students. With the help of Excel Classes i have improved myself allot and VBA is the best part among that through which i can complete my task in time and help me to consume my lot of time. I think this is a good way to improve our knowledge by using such classes provided by Mr. Prince Sethi.

Dharmendra Upadhyay (Janobng.com)
Thanks for choosing me for one of the most valuable trainees. i have been lacking in excel for a long time. i heard your name and decided to attend . i learnt all shortcuts and VBA. I  Really got several process improvements.I had a project for six sigma. Prince helped me to get it completed. I liked his small batches and helping nature. I would say  Prince is one of the best excel trainer.

Rashid Khan
Your teaching skills are really exceptional, the way to make me understand the complicate functions in easy way. Words cannot be to express my appreciation for everything that you did for me. You put me in new direction of my career.

Praveen chand Ramola
Services which are provided by PRINCE SETHI,are very excellent.he provided us practical classes,and provided the complete notes,videos,Ebooks and all the material to let us know about  complete MIS......he helps us after completing the course also.he solves  all queries...........Currently i am working in reputed company as a MIS Executive...

Lalit Goswami

Hi Prince ,

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate you and your personal dedication towards each and every student which help us to unfold new skills in excel.Though the success came late, however, I would like to dedicate this success to you as I have been selected as Business Analyst in my current company (Sun Life Financial) itself, which has given a new dimension to my career

Pankaj Gupta

I am extremely thankful to have such a supportive cooperative trainer like you. Your way of teaching is outstanding, every query is solved clearly, be the student asks one time or multiple times the same question. The quality of training were excellent The best thing that I liked about your training was live class room videos through which we can never forget even after completion of course.. You make the classes interactive by using daily life scenarios and practical examples. Also, you never think of just completing the course and get rid of, like many similar institutes do. Your examples and assignments are very much similar to what is done in industry. Multiple times I come across such questions which I have done already while training, which boost my confidence more than my peers. Whenever I come across any challenges, in office work or regarding any new concept, I come back to you and surprisingly you take interest in that work and solve the queries. Other than the training contents, we can also discuss all the present technologies and you always guide us to choose the best in career. At last I just want to conclude that you are not just a good trainer but a guide and a very nice human being.

Tabrez Alam

Extensive method alongwith videos is a superb way of teaching. You are truly inspiring and I have gained so much of knowledge in this short span of time.Thank you very much.

Rahul Saxena

Best faculty I have ever trained by.He is available any time to help you, even after your course is completed.I have learned from him in 2015 and if I call today for any help, he is there to help me.
I would recommend to go and learn great knowledge.

Sachin Gupta

Great Place to Learn Excel & VBA and make carrier in MIS & Analytics field & The best part is I can attend my class from home as well. I want to thanks @Prince Sir for his valuable guidance during my training.

Rohit Singh

Excellent institute for those people who really want to success in MIS field. Best institute and best teacher of excel in entire noida region.

Raj Sourav

my friend Pradeep recommended me this institute , and its really one or best in Noida ,Prince is a real excel excel Prince, he clears all your doubts . Best place for VBA and advance excel.

Pramod Rawat

I have been working in industry for four years and heard a lot about VBA and scope it has. But due to complexity involved i was in search of institute which help me build concepts and excel in MIS. Meeting Prince Sir and finally joining his classes was a wish come true. Undoublty they are best in MIS Analytics and VBA, always ready to support even when you are finished with course. Providing recorded videos of each and every class really adds up to our learning, most structured way of teaching VBA far better than any other institute i can think. Finally if you really want to learn and grow in MIS...Go Excel Prince.

Mudit Gupta

Best institute and best teacher of excel in entire noida region.Great Excel skills along with clear cut VBA coding skills.must join and imrpove your analytical skills. thanks for teaching me excel.

Pradeep Singh

Excellent classes for those people who realy want to have good knowledge and sucesses in mis field.

Nandan Kumar

Very Greatful Lectures and teaching technique as flexible as good in lack of time and Great Support.

Sanjay Negi

This is a very good platform to learn Advance Excel and to make a career in MIS profile.

Jyoti Rani

Excellent platform for those who want to learn excel with their ongoing job.

Anil Kumar

This is a best place to learn Excel, Advance Excel, MSAccess, VBA. Full support provided by Mr. Prince. My 100% recommend if you want to be master in excel and VBA or you wanna make your future in Analyst Field. I am very thankful to Mr. Prince Sethi for his continuous support.

Mukund Parthsarthi

If you are looking for Best Excel Trainer. You must have to join ExcelPrince. He is having immense experience in analytics moreover your class will get record and you may get video of each and every class in your pen drive daily basis [ I can Guarantee you no institute will provide you recorded video or every class even if you join course worth 50 thousand), other option like video conferencing (On Line class), ample learning material, assignments, MIS test papers, life time support, Live Project, small batches, Real time Dashboard and lots other features. The Most important it’s on lowest cost if you compare with any institute. Highly recommend to all. I took 10 demo class and then decide to pursue further. No institute could provide you this kind of quality. ---- 5 Star from my side –Naresh Goyal--

Naresh Goyal

If you think about excel don’t think twice go and book your demo class. You will not have to think about it. I came to know about Prince Sir 6 years ago but I did not join the class till Oct16. A random thought came in my mind in Oct'16, me and my friend joined the class & we love the training and study material provided by Prince Sir. I can grantee, you will fall in love with excel. I am in love with excel by the guidance of Prince Excel.

Manoj Prasad
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